Coach Pre-Game Info | Boulder Valley Lacrosse
Youth lacrosse program for boys in Northern Colorado, including Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Superior, and Westminster.

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BVL Coaches and Managers:

IMPORTANT PRE-GAME INFO ! Please read carefully and follow all instructions below.


  • The CYLA requires each team to present (not exchange) a copy of their CYLA-verified roster at the pregame lineup this season.

  • Rosters will be emailed to coaches under separate cover.

  • Any team without a verified roster may be assessed a 2 minute non-releasable penalty to begin the game. (At U8/U9, possession will be awarded to the offended team).  Officials may not be stringent about enforcing this, but please have your roster on hand regardless. 

  • Coaches, print out 10 rosters and just stick them into your team bag. 

  • Managers, print out the roster and keep a backup copy close at hand on game day.

  • Note that roster forms have convenient columns for scorekeepers to track goals and penalty minutes in game. Remember that any player assessed 4 personal fouls or 5 total penalty minutes will be disqualified from the game.


  • BVL home game field closures will be posted as early as possible at on the morning of home games.

  • Note that BVL will do everything in our power to play games as originally scheduled.

  • Away game field closures will be posted at on the Fields tab there: CYLA Field Status page

  • Coaches or team managers:I strongly recommend that you reach out to the opposing head coach or program administrator a few days before an away game, particularly if there are weather concerns.

  • Find opposing coach contact info on the Team Pages tab at or on the opposing program’s website.Exchange phone numbers so that you can receive timely updates about field conditions.





  • Contact the opposing coach for away games to confirm game time, location, and field status.

  • Email your parents a game reminder and let them know when to arrive.

  • Communicate your playing time policy to parents again (see below).

  • We recommend having players arrive 45 minutes before the first game of the day.By the time they get geared up, you will have about 30 minutes to begin warmups and game preparation.

  • Be the first one at the field. Punctuality is important.

  • Ask your team manager to designate a timekeeper for every game:  CYLA Timekeeper Info



During the game:

  • HAVE FUN !   That is the whole point of playing and coaching lacrosse. 

  • Only 3 BVL coaches in the box during games as per CYLA rules. Head coaches, take charge and designate the other 2 coaches in the box with you.

  • Don’t worry about whether the opposing team has more than 3 coaches in the box.

  • BVL plays by the rules—always—and we focus on our own team, not on the opponent’s.

  • Appreciate that officials have a difficult job, and show them respect & gratitude for their efforts.

  • Playing time: Every player plays in every game—period. Playing time does not have to be equal, but you must adhere to your expressed policy.

  • BVL’s primary goal is the long-term development of as many players as possible, not short-term victories. Play everyone early and often, then you can play your best players in the 4th quarter to go for the win.

  • In the event of a score dispute during the game, ask the official to call timeout or CALL TIMEOUT yourself. Ask to confer with the officials and the opposing coach to gain clarity on the actual score.  If you do not correct a disputed score at this time, there will not be an alternative resolution to the final result.



  • Both teams shake hands after the game. Your team should “get their goalie”, then hustle back for a quick huddle and cheer for the other team. This is NOT the time to discuss what just happened, do not keep the other team waiting on yours.

  • Team huddles up and cheers for the opponent: “Rah Rah Storm !”

  • Players line up behind the goalie. All players keep helmets ON and take RIGHT GLOVE OFF.

  • Players SHAKE HANDS with bare hand—not fist bumping, not high-fiving— shaking hands and saying “Good game, good job, etc.”

  • Head coach at the end of the line—monitoring players to insure sportsmanlike behavior.

  • Clear the team boxes of gear so the next game can start.

  • Now you can address the team about what you saw in the game. Long monologues are not ideal after games.

  • Send players home with their heads held high, regardless of the final result. Talk briefly about what they did well, and what they could improve upon, then break out with a final team cheer.